6 Best Free Chrome Screenshot Extensions

While browsing the Internet, there are many times when we feel the need to save some important information. Sure, there is a way to bookmark those pages for later reference. Other than, you won’t be capable of seeing those web pages offline or using those specific pieces of content for your work-related purposes. However, That is precisely where the need for Best Screen Capture Tools or Chrome Screenshot Extensions appears, which helps users to photos, take screenshots of texts, even record the screens.

You might be wondering why not use the old school method (PrtScn button)on Mac to capture screens, on Windows or (CMD + SHIFT + 4). But they inevitably lack the abilities to take full-page screenshots, grab scrolling web pages, add annotations, and many more.
So Following is the curated list of Best Free Screen Capture Tools and Chrome Extensions.
These some Screenshot Chrome Plugins that you can consider using are listed below.

Best Free Chrome Screenshot Extensions 

1. Lightshot
2. Screenpresso
3. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder
4. Awesome Screenshot
5. Webpage Screenshot
6. FireShot

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