6 Browser Games You Should Play With A Controller

For many years, game pad support was nearly non-existent in browser games. This is because the HTML 5 Game pad API spent a long time in developmental hell on Firefox, and posed difficulties in Chrome. Thankfully, many of the problems of the API have been ironed out, and including game pad support in browser games is fairly simple for developers.

Of course, not all browser game developers decide to implement game pad support, so finding browser games you can play with a controller can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of 6 great browser games that include game pad support, so go ahead and check them out!

Drift Team

If you’re looking for cool drift racing games, Drift Team should keep you entertained. While the game uses 2ND graphics and a top-down camera, like those retro SENS racing games, the drifting physics are fairly well done, and each car you unlock handles a bit differently. The cars tend to overdraft a bit out of your control when using a keyboard, so this is one browser game that’s certainly better with a game pad. You can play Drift Team on Crazy Games.

Life in the Static

An exciting platform game which offers numerous challenges, Life in the Static revolves around being able to stop time, which helps you in solving the game’s obstacles. For example, stopping time when falling crates line up with a platform ledge, so you can jump across. There are so many puzzle-based platforms out there, but Life in the Static is one of few that offers full game pad support.


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