6 Movies That’ll Get You Pumped for Halloween

There’s something about the crisp leaves and spooky nights of October that makes us all want to cuddle up with a scary movie by the fire. Luckily, there are plenty of creepy movies out there that are perfect for this time of year. From campy classics like “Scream” to more modern takes on ghost stories like “It Follows,” these horror flicks will get your blood pumping and leave you ready for another round of scares next month. Even the most hardened horror fans can get tired of watching teenagers get hacked up every October. But thankfully, there are some alternative Halloween films out there that give you a different kind of scare. From comedies with a spooky twist to lighthearted takes on classic monsters, here are 6 movies that’ll get you pumped for Halloween.

The Babadook

A psychological horror movie, The Babadook is a perfect Halloween flick for anyone looking for a new kind of scare. The film follows a single mother who is struggling to raise her young son after the death of her husband. The boy starts having strange hallucinations, and his mother discovers he has an obsession with a mysterious children’s story called the Babadook. As their relationship progresses, the mother must confront her own psychological issues in order to save her son. The Babadook is an incredibly subtle movie that doesn’t rely on cheap jump scares. Instead, it uses a chilling atmosphere to unnerve the viewer and slowly crawl under their skin. This is a great example of how horror movies can comment on real issues like mental illness and single parenthood.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a straightforward parody of Disney-style Halloween movies. Three witches escape from the Salem Witch Trials and come back to life in modern-day Salem on Halloween. It’s up to a teenager and his babysitting charge to stop the witches before they can suck the life force out of the town’s children. Hocus Pocus was a massive cult classic when it was released in 1993, and it’s just as fun now as it was back then. The movie is chock full of ’90s nostalgia, and it’s still pretty scary for a lighthearted comedy. It’s definitely a good choice for families looking for something spooky to watch together.


If you’re looking for a movie that isn’t just for Halloween, Krampus is a great choice. This horror/comedy hybrid tells the story of two dysfunctional families who have to spend Christmas together. However, they’re soon visited by Krampus, a demonic version of the Christmas legend who punishes wicked children. The film is pretty comedic, but there are some genuinely creepy scenes. Krampus is a great example of a modern take on traditional horror monsters. It’s a funny film, but there are some genuinely creepy moments that will get veteran horror fans excited.

The Witch

The Witch is a slow-burning horror movie that’s great for Halloween viewing. It’s set in 1630 New England, following a family of devout Puritans who is banished from their community. While on the edge of civilization, the family’s youngest child disappears and their farm begins showing signs of supernatural activity. The Witch is a very slow-paced film, and it doesn’t give the viewer many jump scares or other traditional horror techniques. Instead, it creates a very unsettling atmosphere that stays with you long after the credits roll. This is a great example of how psychological horror can be just as effective as gore and jump scare.

Scary Mask Day

Scary Mask Day is a lighthearted take on the masked killer subgenre of horror 6 Movies. The film follows a group of high school students who decide to throw a party on the night when a killer in a scary mask is supposed to strike. They soon find themselves at the center of a viral video and the subject of a massive police investigation. Scary Mask Day is a silly film that isn’t really scary, but it’s still a good choice for Halloween viewing. The movie pokes fun at the tropes of the masked killer subgenre, and it’s generally a lighthearted way to spend an evening.


These 6 movies will get you pumped for Halloween in any way you want it. Whether you want to be scared out of your wits or just have a good laugh, there is something for everyone. From The Babadook’s subtle scares to Hocus Pocus’ goofy comedy, there is something for everyone. Make sure you have these movies on your watch list as you head into the spookiest time of the year!

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