How to Dehydrate Mangos.

Dried mango no sugar added

  • 10 mangoes
  • 2 tbsp. honey
  • ½ cup lemon juice

Start with fresh, ripe, organic mangoes. When you press your fingers into the peel, it should be soft, but not so much that the fruit meat has begun to spoil. This will make it easier to both slice and dehydrate the mango properly.


This can be messy and difficult. Cut both ends of each mango, enough to see the yellow interior. Stand the mango up on one of the flattened sides and carefully peel it using a sharp knife or mango slicer.

Finally, with the peel completely removed, cut the mango fruit into ¼” slices. The length of your mango slices is less important than keeping the thickness consistent, so that they dehydrate evenly.

Set your fruit leather oven to 135 degrees. Combine the honey and lemon juice and stir until consistent, then dip each of the slices in, shaking off residual moisture. The citrus from the lemon juice will keep the mango meat from browning.

Unsweetened dried mango
Simply omit the honey. You’ll retain the natural, sweet manginess of the mango, as well as preserve its delicious nutrients.

Place the prepared mango slices on your dehydrator trays. Leave space between each piece to allow for air and moisture flow, and effective dehydration.

Dry for 8 hours. Check how pliable the mango dried fruit is, as it should be rather solid and its stickiness should have subsided. Let it dry as long as needed, keeping in mind that the dried mango will moisten slightly after cooling for 30 minutes.

Dehydrated mango recipes

Chocolate covered mango

  • Dehydrated Mango
  • Bittersweet or dark chocolate

Chop the chocolate and warm it in a saucepan over low heat. We recommend dark chocolate for its antioxidant properties, and because it’s so delicious when combined with the natural flavor of mango. Stir frequently, until the chocolate reaches a liquid consistency.


Remove the chocolate from heat and prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper. Dip each of your dehydrated mango slices in the chocolate and place them directly on the baking sheet.


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