Chris Paul’s Fade Haircut:A Step by Step Guide to Achieving the Look

Understanding Chris Paul’s Iconic Fade Haircut

To get Chris Paul’s iconic fade haircut, you’ll need to understand what makes this style so distinctive.

To achieve this fade, ask your barber for a “high fade” or “bald fade” with longer hair on top. Have them use clippers to taper your hair down in stages from longer to shorter as they move from the crown of your head down towards your neckline. For the longer top, about 2 to 3 inches of hair left on top is typical. Style the top by combing it up and over to the side. You can also ask your barber to texture the longer top to give it a messy, tousled finish.

With a talented barber, the right tools, and a good stylist product for the longer top hair, you’ll be well on your way to CP3’s signature cut. Be willing to get trims every 2-4 weeks to keep the fade and longer top looking fresh. Once you see how stylish this cut looks, the extra effort will be well worth it. Time to start practicing those dribbling skills!

How to Get the Chris Paul Haircut: Tips for Your Barber

To get Chris Paul’s signature fade haircut, you’ll want to give your barber some guidance. Here are the key tips to share with them:

Start with the fade

The fade haircut gets its name from the gradual taper of different clipper guard sizes that “fade” into each other down the sides and back of the head. For Chris Paul’s style, ask your barber to start with a high fade, tapering down to the skin around the edges of the hairline.

Keep length on top

While the sides and back are clipped short, leave length on top of 3 to 5 inches so you have enough to work with for styling. Ask your barber to use scissors to layer and texturize the longer hair on top, which will make it easier to achieve Chris Paul’s signature messy look.

Add a hard part

For extra style, consider adding a hard part. This is a shaved line in your hair to create clear separation between the longer hair on top and the shorter sides. The hard part requires frequent touch ups, so only opt for it if you’re willing to visit the barber regularly.

Style it messy and casual

To finish the look, style the longer hair on top in a casual, messy fashion. Use a medium hold matte pomade or wax and rake it through your hair with your fingers, pushing it up and to the side while giving it a tousled, undone texture.

With the right fade, length on top, and perfectly messy styling, you’ll be well on your way to emulating Chris Paul’s iconic hairstyle. Your barber can make minor tweaks to personalize the cut, but these tips will ensure you get the basics just right.

Styling and Maintaining the Chris Paul Faded Look

To achieve Chris Paul’s signature fade haircut and style, you’ll need to put in some work with a pair of professional clippers and a blow dryer. The key is starting with the right haircut and tools, then perfecting the style with practice.

Cutting the Fade

Have your barber trim your hair with clippers on the sides and back, fading it from short to longer up top. Ask for a “drop fade” that’s tapered at the hairline and neckline. Get the top cut longer, about 2 to 3 inches. This gives you enough length on top to style while keeping the sides and back short.

:A Step by Step Guide to Achieving the Look
:A Step by Step Guide to Achieving the Look

Styling Products

You’ll need some styling products to coax your longer top into Paul’s casual swept-over style. Pick up a medium hold pomade or wax and a blow dryer. Pomade will add shine and a loose hold, while wax has a matte finish and stronger hold. Start with a little and add more as needed. You can also use a leave-in conditioner for added moisture and protection from the heat.

Blow Drying

The key to nailing Paul’s style is blow drying while brushing your longer top to the side. Start with towel-dried hair and work the product through with your fingertips. Then use a vented brush to lift hair at the roots while blow drying. Slowly brush hair to the side as you go, sweeping it over and up. Pay extra attention to the area at the crown of your head and sides.

Finishing Touches

Use your hands or brush to tousle and loosen the style for a casual, messy finish. You can also touch up with more product and re-blow dry any needed areas. Finish with a light spray wax or hairspray for a long-lasting hold without stiffness. Maintain your fade with frequent trips to the barber, and practice the styling technique after each cut. With regular practice, you’ll be rocking Chris Paul’s signature hairstyle in no time.

Chris Paul’s Hair Evolution Over the Years

Chris Paul’s fade haircut has evolved subtly over the years. While the basic shape has remained consistent, small changes in length, height and details have kept it looking fresh. Let’s take a look at how CP3’s fade has transformed with the times.

The Early Years: 2005-2010

When Paul entered the NBA, he sported a classic mid-fade. His hair was tapered on the sides and back, fading up to about an inch of hair left on top. This is a simple, versatile style that allowed his natural curls to show through while keeping the sides and back neat.

The Refined Fade: 2011-2015

In his prime years, Paul’s fade became more sculpted and defined. His barber tapered the sides and back in a slightly higher fade, leaving only 3/4 of an inch on top. The top was shaped to stand up and forward, with the sides and back faded up to meet the longer hair on top. This sharper fade with volume on top was a stylish look that complemented Paul’s skills on the court.

The Modern Fade: 2016-Present

Today, Paul rocks a stylish high fade with surgical precision. His barber fades the sides and back drastically higher, tapering up to just 1/2 inch of hair left on top. The longer hair on top is textured and swept to the side and forward. This tight, high fade is a fashionable style that requires frequent trims to look its best. Paul’s well-groomed haircut is a perfect representation of his dedication, hard work and commitment to excellence both on and off the court.

More NBA Player Haircut Inspiration

More NBA Player Haircut Inspiration

Beyond Chris Paul’s iconic fade, there are several other popular NBA player hairstyles you can emulate. Check out these options for inspiration:

Russell Westbrook’s crop cut is a simple and stylish cut. His hair is cut very close and even all over, with just a bit of length left on top to style. This cut is perfect if you want something low-maintenance but still fashionable.

LeBron James often sports a buzz cut, where the hair is cut down to a uniform short length all over. This style is as easy as it gets but still looks neat and polished. It’s ideal if you want a hairstyle that requires virtually no styling or upkeep.

Kevin Durant’s dreads are a bold style statement that showcases his personality. His long, locked hairstyle requires patience to grow out but has a dramatic, eye-catching effect. Dreads aren’t for everyone, but if you have the hair type and commitment level to maintain them, they can be a unique look.

James Harden’s mohawk fade combines a mohawk-inspired stripe down the center of the head with tapered sides. This edgy style has flair but the tapered sides also give it a polished shape. It’s ideal if you want a fashion-forward cut that makes a statement but still looks well-groomed.

Steph Curry’s side part fade is a classic gentleman’s cut with a fade on the sides and back, and longer hair on top parted to the side. This hairstyle exudes style and sophistication. It looks equally at home in a boardroom as on the basketball court. The side part adds a touch of retro flair but the fade keeps it modern.

From the simple to the dramatic, NBA players offer tons of hairstyle inspiration. Find a cut that fits your personal style and the amount of time you want to spend on styling to achieve a polished yet effortless look.


So there you have it, a step by step guide to getting Chris Paul’s signature fade haircut. With the right barber, tools, and technique, you’ll be sporting a fresh fade in no time and turning heads on and off the court. The fade may be a simple style but when done right, it’s a real showstopper. The key is starting with quality clippers and finding a barber skilled with fades – they can make or break the cut. Put in the effort to maintain your new hairstyle with regular touch ups and you’ll have a cut as crisp as Chris Paul’s crossover. Now get out there and show off your new fade, who knows you may even get mistaken for the Point God himself if the light hits your fade just right!

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