Travis Kelce Haircut: Unveiling the Trendy Styles of the NFL Star


Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs’ renowned tight end, is not only famous for his impressive football skills but also for his iconic sense of style, including his ever-changing hairstyles. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Travis Kelce’s haircuts. From the classic looks to the trendiest styles, we’ll explore it all. So, if you’re curious about how to get that Kelce-inspired look or simply intrigued by his hair transformation journey, read on.

Travis Kelce Haircut: A Style Evolution

From the early days of his career to his current status as one of the NFL’s biggest stars, Travis Kelce has undergone a remarkable style evolution, including his haircuts. Let’s take a look at some of his standout hairstyles over the years.

The Classic Kelce

Travis Kelce’s journey into the world of unique hairstyles began with the classic Kelce look. This style features neatly trimmed sides and a slightly longer top, giving it a clean and sophisticated appearance.

The Undercut Wonder

One of Kelce’s most iconic looks is the undercut. With shaved sides and a longer top, this style exudes an edgy and fashionable vibe. Achieving this look requires some maintenance but is well worth the effort.

The Man Bun Maven

In recent years, Kelce has also sported the trendy man bun. This style involves tying the longer hair on top into a bun while keeping the sides short. It’s a versatile and stylish choice for those looking to make a statement.

The Mohawk Marvel

For those who want a bold and daring look, Travis Kelce’s mohawk is a great inspiration. The hair in the center is longer and styled upward, creating a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

The Beard Factor

It’s not just about the hair on top of his head—Travis Kelce’s beard game is strong too. He often pairs his haircuts with a well-groomed beard, adding to his rugged charm.

How to Get the Travis Kelce Look

Now that we’ve explored some of Kelce’s iconic styles, you might be wondering how to achieve these looks. Here are some tips to help you get that Travis Kelce-inspired haircut:

 Unveiling the Trendy Styles of the NFL Star
Unveiling the Trendy Styles of the NFL Star

Find a Skilled Barber

First and foremost, finding a skilled barber who can replicate Kelce’s styles is essential. Show them pictures of your desired look to ensure they understand the style you’re going for.

Maintain Regular Trims

Many of Kelce’s hairstyles require regular maintenance to keep them looking sharp. Schedule regular trims to keep the sides and top in shape.

Invest in Quality Hair Products

To achieve that polished look, invest in quality hair products like styling gels, pomades, and hairsprays. These products will help you maintain your chosen style.

Embrace the Beard

If you’re planning to pair your new haircut with a beard, don’t forget to maintain it as well. Regular grooming and shaping will complete the Travis Kelce look.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How often does Travis Kelce change his haircut?

Travis Kelce is known for frequently changing his hairstyle, often adapting it to suit the season or his mood.

Can I pull off a Travis Kelce-inspired haircut?

Absolutely! Travis Kelce’s hairstyles are diverse, catering to different tastes and preferences. With the right barber and grooming routine, anyone can achieve these looks.

What products does Travis Kelce use for his hair?

While specific product preferences may change, Kelce often uses high-quality styling products like pomades and gels to achieve his signature hairstyles.

Does Travis Kelce’s hairstyle influence his game?

There’s no scientific evidence to suggest that a particular hairstyle can influence an athlete’s performance. However, looking good and feeling confident can boost one’s overall demeanor.

How do I maintain a man bun like Travis Kelce’s?

To maintain a man bun like Kelce’s, ensure your hair on top is long enough to tie into a bun. Use hair ties or pins to secure it in place, and keep the sides neatly trimmed.

Where can I find more style inspiration from Travis Kelce?

You can follow Travis Kelce on social media platforms like Instagram to stay updated on his latest style choices and get inspiration for your own looks.


Travis Kelce’s haircut journey has been a fascinating one, marked by versatility and a penchant for stylish experimentation. Whether you’re a football fan or simply looking for a fresh hairstyle, the world of Kelce’s haircuts offers something for everyone. Remember, the key to pulling off these looks lies in finding a skilled barber, using the right products, and embracing regular grooming. So, go ahead, channel your inner Kelce, and rock that trendy haircut with confidence.

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