‘Warzone’ access codes: How to use key cards for stadium rooms in Season 5

The Season 5 update to “Call of Duty: Warzone” has brought a new batch of Easter Eggs to the game.

Players will notice blue items sitting around the stadium of Verdansk with four-digit codes. They have a practical in-game use: Each key card opens a sealed room in the stadium that carries high-caliber loot.

Here’s an explanation of how to use those blue key card access items in Season 5:

What are the access codes in the ‘Warzone’ stadium?

There are small key card items that glow in blue and are different from the red ones that open areas in the bunker region of Verdansk. They carry access codes to three rooms in the stadium.

How many blue key cards are there in Season 5 ‘Warzone’?

There are three blue key cards that can be found within the stadium: EL21, P216, and CL19.

Where can you find every Season 5 ‘Call of Duty code

All of the Season 5 secret blue codes spawn randomly around the stadium, but there do seem to be spots the keys regularly appear.

Here are a few spots we’ve found them:

  • In the Garage
  • The bottom stands near the field
  • Behind the bar
  • Dropped from dead enemies

What is the EL21 ‘Warzone’ code?

The EL21 “Warzone” code is a security pass that allows a player to enter a closed-off room at the stadium on the top floor of the newly opened venue. The room has loot rewards and a computer that flashes a code if you walk up to it.

What is the P216 ‘Warzone’ code?

P216 'Warzone

The P216 “Warzone” code is a security pass that allows a player to enter a closed-off room at the stadium. It unlocks a room attached to the bottom of the garage with loot boxes and (usually) killstreak rewards. To use the P216 card, simply pick it up from from the ground and follow the interaction prompt once you arrive at the locked location.

What is the CL19 ‘Warzone’ code?

The CL19 “Warzone” code is a security pass that allows a player to enter a closed-off room on Level 2 of the stadium at the bar. Like the other unlockable places, it features plenty of special loot.

How do you open the final stadium door in ‘Warzone’?

It’s unclear how exactly this works, but it seems connected to the computer codes at the above three locations. The final room is located on the top floor and asks for an eight-digit code to enter.

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