What does SMP mean in Minecraft?

With the rising popularity of the Dream SMP, many Minecraft players are now wondering what exactly an SMP is.

There are a few different categories of SMPs, but they are all essentially the same thing. SMP literally stands for Survival Multiplayer.

Many SMPs start off as a group of friends on a server. As the server grows, it becomes more of a community. The point of starting an SMP is to grow a community and make new friends.

Different types of SMPs.

free to do whatever they wish. This includes hacking, stealing, griefing, and more. This type of SMP is great for players who enjoy freedom, but beware, a lot of anarchy SMPs have a toxic playerbase.


Vanilla SMPs are plain and untouched. There aren’t any mods or plugins in these SMPs, which means players cannot claim land or lock chests. Vanilla SMPs are basically Minecraft single-player worlds, but with friends.


Semi-Vanilla servers are still pretty plain, but they are not untouched. Semi-Vanilla SMPs have simple plugins that make life a bit easier but don’t interfere with the game. These plugins usually allow players to claim land, lock chests and create warps.


Modded SMPs are servers that include mods. Players who wish to play on the SMP have to download the same modpack as the server. There are thousands of mods out there, so there is a variety of different mods a server can host. Modded SMPs are usually way different than normal Minecraft due to the mods.


Peaceful SMPs are typically Vanilla or Semi-Vanilla servers. The only difference is that PvP is turned off. These SMPs typically have very friendly player bases and are great for younger kids.

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